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Gorguts ‎– Considered Dead LP

Gorguts ‎– Considered Dead LP


Debut album by Canada's Gorguts. An incredibly solid inaugural record that, let's face it, get's overshadowed by subsequent albums. If this was the sole Gorguts record, it would be one of those cult, romanticized one-off death metal records that people love to name drop. However, Gorguts would go on to release a perfect death metal record less than two years later, and a genre-defining mind fuck a handful of years after that. That being said, Considered Dead features some phenomenal riffing and will no doubt appeal to fans of early Death and Pestilence, in particular. 

*Rant Time* I'm not super happy with how these Listenable represses came out. The records themselves sound fine, however the artwork is sorely lacking. The covers of the Gorguts and Suffocation LPs that they reissued are blurry and mediocre looking. It bums me out. Those early Gorguts and Suffocation albums feature some classic Seagrave artwork and all of them deserve the white-glove deluxe reissue treatment. Pretty lame to do a cheapo reissue and then charge a shitload of money for them on top of that. Anyway, I'm selling these at fifty cents more than I bought them for. Be careful who you trust with copyright to your music kids, and D.I.Y. or DIE. *End Rant*

Released by Listenable Records. 

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