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Death - Spiritual Healing LP

Death - Spiritual Healing LP


Death's third full-length, remastered and reissued by Relapse. A transitional album in the truest sense of the term, with some mixed results. There's a clear progression in the guitar work and song writing here, showing flashes of mid-era Death brilliance that would be perfected on "Human" (before the band fully ventures off into technicaland). There's also a transition in lyrical and thematic content, which is where the questionable results come in. Moving from gore to the topical/philosophical required some growing pains, and some painfully stupid lyrics on occasion. Lucky for all of us it's easy to tune out the lyrics and focus on what's really important, the riffs. Overall, a solid album and a mandatory record for Death and death metal fans. Comes with a digital download.

Released by Relapse Records.

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