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Darkest Hour ‎– So Sedated So Secure LP

Darkest Hour ‎– So Sedated So Secure LP


You know that band from your hometown that got absolutely huge? For me, that would be Darkest Hour. The DH boys went to one of my rival high schools just down the street. While they had a few years on me, Darkest Hour was just coming into their own musically as I was getting into heavier, more aggressive music. I can't even recall the number of times I've seen Darkest Hour and they opened some of the most memorable and important shows of my life. Sorry, it's tough for me not to get nostalgic when thinking about this record. Along with "Mark Of The Judas" and "Hidden Hands..." this album rounds out my favorite period of DH, while they were on the ascent, on their way to becoming the crown princes of melodic death metal. White vinyl limited to 440 copies. Comes with a digital download.

Released by Victory Records (eewww).

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